52 Church street
MA, 02138



The Sinclair, located at 52 Church Street, is in the center of the Harvard Square Neighborhood in Cambridge Massachusetts. This three room, two level venue is a fresh addition to the Greater Boston area with a hip industrial vibe. It is a dynamic space that can host special events, corporate functions to large cocktail receptions. The Sinclair houses three unique bars inside the venue, including a lounge area, a main ballroom and large stage, a mezzanine level that provides multiple sight lines and state of the art sound and lighting equipment. Our restaurant is in close proximity that offers custom food and beverage menus for each event.

For more information please contact afinney@spectrumfcs.com

Technical Specs

4X20 amp circuts on quads for backline power (3 upstage 1 downstage)

1 200AMP 3 phase tie in on Cam connectors up stage right

The flown sound system consists of (12) D&B Q1 Speakers (6) per side along with (2) D&B Q10 front and balcony fills, (6) D&B Q1 Subwoofers and DigiDesign SC 48 consoles for both MONITOR and FOH.

Please note that the snake system is 100%digital and there is no “copper snake” between the stage and FOH. There are no local analog mic level inputs at FOH and the drive lines for the PA are in the digital snake system. There is an analog 12 pair snake (6 male,6 female) running from FOH to the stage for patching.


Located on the ground level, 25 feet from the stage and on a 1 ft. riser, there is an Avid SC48 Remote I/O with an I/O  option 16 card installed. The snake system is 100% digital and there are no local mic level inputs at FOH. There is analog 12 pair snake that runs from FOH to the stage for patching. The option 16 card allows for 8 analog TRS inputs and outputs for patching of analog gear. There are also 4 AES ins and outs available on the card. There is a Tascam CDRW with remote patched for recording and playback, along with a standard 1/8inch cable for IPODs


The main PA consists of 6 D+B Q1 boxes per side flown from the truss directly off of the downstage edge of the stage.

There are 3 D+B Qsubs per side configured in cardioid mode. For front fills, pair of D+B Q 10s sits on the stage edge

The Main PA is entirely powered with D+B D-12 amplification



An Avid SC48 sits Stage Right on the stage level.

There are 7 D+B MAX wedges along with 2 dedicated D+B C series side fills and a 1 D+B C-SUB available for stage monitoring. There is 1 MAX wedge available for Cue monitoring. Currently there are 6 available outputs in the console for in ear monitoring.

The MAX wedges are powered by Lap Gruppen. The side and drum fills are powered with D+B D-12 Amps

A full compliment of mics and stands are available.  Per request we can send an inventory list


The Sinclair is equipped with a fully LED lighting system which includes 18 American DJ RGBW moving head wash and 5 High End SolaSpots.  Our control is a Road Hog however we do have FOH space for visiting gear. Our gear utilizes a whole universe with a few channels to spare as well as the last 12 channels of a 2nd universe.  Feel free to use any available channels for your data needs.  Additional data requirements should be advanced.  Please review our lighting plot for additional channel schedule and fixture locations.

The venue has a 200A 3-phase camlock tie-in for any additional power distribution needs.  This may be used for sound, lights or both however there is only 1 ground so conventional lighting fixtures are not recommended if there are sound system additions on this power.