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Adrian Belew Power Trio – Tickets – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA – March 5th, 2017

Adrian Belew Power Trio

Adrian Belew Power Trio

Saul Zonana

Sun, March 5, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$25 advance / $28 day of show

This event is 18 and over

The Sinclair is general admission standing room only. Tickets available at AXS.COM, or by phone at 888-929-7849. No service charge on tickets purchased in person at The Sinclair Box office Wednesdays-Saturdays 12-7PM. Please note: box office is cash only.

Adrian Belew Power Trio
Adrian Belew Power Trio
Adrian Belew is a legendary guitarist well-known for his diverse travels around the musical map. He is a multi-instrumentalist whose solo records are critically acclaimed. His moving singing voice and prolific songwriting has endeared a loyal fan base of music lovers. His music is being discovered everyday by more and more listeners thirsty for great music with a creative standard not often pushed by the commercial music industry.

Adrian first appeared on the guitar-world radar when he toured with Frank Zappa who later said, “Adrian reinvented electric guitar”. Adrian’s signature tones, unique use of effects and whammy bar remains completely different, and his techniques continue to be a huge influence on today’s guitarists. He was guitarist, songwriter and frontman Progressive Rock Powerhouse King Crimson for over 30 years. “Discipline”, Adrian’s first record with King Crimson, is listed among the most important rock records ever made.

Belew has had a career that commands both awe and respect from fellow musicians and loyal fans, from his first solo record “The Lone Rhino” to The Atlantic Records hit album “Mr. Music Head” or any of his other 20 solo records that push sonic boundaries while maintaining artistic integrity. Adrian shreds on guitar but also writes beautiful songs that will make you cry. Yes, Adrian has taken his fans on a wild ride through countless world tours and albums with David Bowie, Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, NIN and Paul Simon. He truly is the Twang Bar King!

Meanwhile, Belew continues work on the latest additions to his FLUX project, including an album called FLUXbybelew and an in-app addition entitled FLUXation. FLUX is ‘music which is never the same twice’. To accommodate the original concept FLUX was released on iTunes as a music app for iPhone and iPad (the only one of its kind, available on iTunes at bit.ly/FLUX_cd) with the app downloaded, you press Play to activate 30 minutes of music, songs, sounds, and visuals which will never happen again in quite the same way. that’s because of some very clever algorithms and a huge amount of content.
Saul Zonana
Saul Zonana
"I am a lifelong creator of music"

Way back when...
in Bayside Queens, NY, from the age of 3 years old, before I could actually complete sentences, I was writing songs. Here I am today with the mental capacity of a 3 year old, and STILL writing songs and releasing albums. Who woulda thunk it. While a lot of the other kids were into video games, beer, and even drugs,
I played many instruments, I wrote songs and recorded them. That’s really all that I cared about.
I had to search hard for others that were equally passionate about making music.
This was long before $79 bought you a guitar and an amp and before we celebrated mediocrity and watched shows like American Idol and The Voice.
There was no internet. This was when you wrote and performed music because it took over your soul.
It was in my blood from the very beginning.
It was during those early years that my older brother Joel, (who passed when he was only 39) turned me on to bands like
The Who, Yes, Black Sabbath, Rush, The Cars, The Police and yep, THE BEATLES!
That fueled my creativity in a big way.
I got my hands on a basic four track tape machine, (way harder to come by in those days) and began a journey to continue creating and recording music.
I released my first solo album when I was 13 years old. That’s when it REALLY started.

We fast forward…
to these days, where my family and creating music is my focus.
(Although I do love touring).
Currently I spend my time either gigging around the US, or in the recording studio making my own music.
I'm playing/producing/mixing and mastering my music and the music of others at STUDIO Z.
Studio Z is a full blown recording studio with more than everything one would ever need to be creative..
Exploring new sounds and pulling the most out of new technology is part of the fun for me.
I’ve released eleven of my own albums now, one live album and produced/worked with SO many other
major and independent acts.
In my solo career I've secured two major recording contracts,
two major publishing deals, and have been around the world several times
playing my music and music by artists that I respect.

Some of the highlights…
include touring with Ace Frehely, Adrian Belew, Crash Test Dummies, Lisa Loeb etc...
I’ve performed thousands of shows all over the globe. I even remember some of them.
I've mixed / tracked music for other artists such as Adrian Belew, Crash Test Dummies,
Blue Oyster Cult, Taylor Dayne, ATB and sooo many others.
Recently toured the States and Canada for 3 months.
I was in the first American band to ever play in Red Square, Moscow, in front of 70,000 insane fans.
I was featured on the cover of Guitar Magazine with Carlos Santana with a full feature article inside.
But these are all merely words and the truth is that I feel like I'm just getting started. Just beginning really.
There's so much to do.

for those of you who are just now discovering my catalog of music, welcome aboard and thanks for listening.
If some of these songs sound familiar, it may be that you've heard them in one of the many films and tv shows they've been in, including...
Crazy Love, Men In Trees, Party Of Five, 24, Wonderful World, Dirt, Beautiful People, Army Wives, Arrested Development and more that I can't remember right now 🙂
Or maybe you’ve heard the song “Holiday” or “Chasin’ It” on major radio stations in the past.
Or maybe you've caught my band or one of my solo shows ?
(I'm touring my loops and gadgets show these days).
it's a strange time indeed for artists like myself, but onward and forward..
(I don't know how do do anything else).
I'm grateful for all of you.
Thanks to those who have enjoyed my music over the years.
I appreciate you more than you know.
Keep coming out to the shows.
Keep tuning in...
More music is always coming.
Venue Information:
The Sinclair
52 Church St
Cambridge, MA, 02138

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